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Budget Management Director

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Posted 2024/02/21 08:11:49 Expires 2024-03-02 Ref: JB1100045223

Job Description


To oversee the financial planning, budgeting and controlling that must be followed by LCGPA and provide guidance on key financial processes such as; budgeting, performance, and variance analysis, to ensure that LCGPA’s functions implement the required financial control and ensure the integrity and accuracy of financial information as per the related standards.


 Strategy and Planning

§  Translate the Finance and Administrative Affairs General Department strategies and policies into operational plans and organize the work of the Budget Management Department and oversee its implementation to deliver services and achieve its objectives.


People Management

§  Supervise the team work of the Budget Management Department and follow-up on the evaluation of their performance by providing feedback on an ongoing basis and seek opportunities to develop their capabilities in order to motivate them and raise the level of performance of the work of the department.

§  Identify the training and development needs of the Budget Management Department employees and fill the knowledge gaps to ensure continuous development and a high level of competence within the team.

Budget Management

§  Manage the preparation of the operational budget for the Budget Management Department and control expenditures in line with the approved budget.

Budget Management

§  Oversee reviewing and recommending functional budgets by establishing schedules to collect, analyse and consolidate budget reports as well as recommend plans and conduct variance analysis to facilitate business performance review.

§  Examine budget estimates for completeness, accuracy, and conformity with procedures and regulations to ensure the enforcement of financial policies and procedures for transactions andMinistry of Finance Requirements to ensure applying sound processes and avoiding any regulatory violations.

§  Provide Guidance and advice and technical assistance with cost analysis, fiscal allocation, and budget preparation to LCGPA’s departments to ensure accurate budget preparation.

§  Ensure the timely and accurate cost allocation of all transactions / payments to the respective departments, as well as the timely updating and communication of all payments, to support the accurate and efficient cost control.

Financial Control

§  Develop and oversee the internal control policies, guidelines, and procedures for activities such as budget administration, cash management and accounting.

§  Lead and support the analysis, preparation and monitoring of plans, schedules, subsequent cost estimates and controls of LCGPA, to ensure the optimal utilization of resources as well as ensure the adherence to the set plans and schedules to monitor and control expenditures.

§  Maintain current knowledge of organizational policies and procedures, KSA policies and directives, and current accounting standards.

Financial Reporting

§  Oversee lead the preparation of, business activity reports, financial position forecasts, and annual budgets by ensuring the accurate recording of revenues, expenses, commissions, etc. to monitor LCGPA performance against business goals including revenue, costs and cash flow and highlight alarming numbers.

§  Oversee the preparation of critical financial reports and ad-hoc analysis for relevant stakeholders such as the Board of Directors to ensure reporting accurate and timely information about LCGPA financial position to support the decision-making process.

§  Oversee the preparation of financial reports and budgets to be shared to the Ministry of Finance and relevant stakeholders to ensure that LCGPA complies to the financial requirements by the relevant ministries.

Policies, Systems, Processes, Procedures, Standards and Reports

§  Direct the development of Budget Management Department policies, systems, processes and procedures to ensure the consistent application and ease of operations for subordinates.

§  Conduct a thorough review and analysis of reports submitted by subordinates and make timely decisions to ensure enhancing the Budget Management Department performance, mitigating highlighted risks and achieving LCGPA’s objectives.

Continuous Improvement

·       Motivate subordinates and contribute to the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement of Budget Management Department  systems, processes and practices considering ‘international best practices’, improvement of business processes, cost reduction and productivity.

Related Tasks

§  Perform any other related tasks and duties as directed.

Technical Competencies


§  Budget Management - Advanced

§  Corporate performance management - Advanced

§  Strategic Planning - Advanced

§  People performance management - Advanced

§  Quality Management - Advanced

§  Relations Management - Advanced

§  Business and Report Writing - Advanced

§  Language Proficiency - Advanced

§  IT skills - Advanced

§   Financial analysis - Expert

§  Institutional budget - Expert

§  Financial Resource Management - Expert



Finance, Accounting or related fields. CPA or SOCPA preferred

Job Details

Job Location Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Job Role Accounting/Banking/Finance
Employment Status Full time
Employment Type Employee
Number of Vacancies 1
Job Sector Shared Services
Finance and Administrative Affairs
Budget Management

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Director/Head
Years of Experience Min: 10 Max: 16
Residence Location Saudi Arabia
Nationality Saudi Arabia
Degree Bachelor's degree

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