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Data Engineering Specialist

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Posted 2022/04/24 11:23:45 Expires 2022-05-17 Ref: JB1100023633

Job Description




To support and enhance data acquisition process through designing, building data collection methods and maintain acquiring, integrating data from various sources, and managing large-scale processing systems to accommodate the acquired data.







Data Sourcing

§  Assist in the identification and collection of data sources for LCGPA (e.g. government entities, semi government entities, State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), private companies, international sources, etc.) to ensure that LCGPA data sources database is up-to-date. 

§  Assist in the creation of data request templates for LCGPA to source data from Etimad and other entities to ensure the standardization of data requests.

§  Translate business needs into technical requirements to support data management solutions

§  Document, review and respond to detailed business requirements to ensure alignment between business expectations and current/target data management capability



Data Collection

§  Extract and receive different supply and demand data, including spend data, procurement data, key Local Content variables (GDP, BoP, jobs) data, supply of goods and services data, private companies’ data, consumer data etc. from Etimad and other entities to ensure the timely collection.

§  Build automated channels with different data sources to continuously capture and collect data with the required infrastructure needed.



Data Formatting and Consolidation

§  Conduct data restructuring and formatting as the received data can be in different formats (scsv, xls, txt, etc.) and ensure it is restructured to fit the LCGPA structure and templates.

§  Consolidate and aggregate data in order to ensure that data from all sources is consolidated to form one repository for the country.

§  Re-engineer the available datasets by mapping together datasets from different sources and generating new data points that can serve the objectives of LCGPA.


Data Quality

§  Provide support in the process of identifying data quality issues and their root causes and coming up with recommendations to fix these causes including collaboration with the entity holding the data source

§  Assists data quality and provide support in the development of metrics that measure the data quality

§  Resolve data quality issues and gaps by analyzing the data and following the relevant standards



Metadata Management

§  Assist in managing and maintaining the enterprise metadata and conduct necessary steps to keep it current

§  Collaborate with the entity holding the data source to define, manage and ensure an adequate trust for metadata

§  Identify metadata issues and provide recommendations for improvement

§  Assure the deployment and management of metadata quality monitoring practices

§  Measure metadata for compliance to policy, standards and related models


Data Privacy

§  Assist in data classification and categorization processes to assure data protection from unauthorized access, alteration and sharing

§  Collaborate with entities own the data source to reflect the proper classification and sensitivity level

§  Asses in labelling and tagging procedures to define the type of data, its confidentiality and integrity level

§  Maintain regularity compliance with National Data Management Office regulations and industry protocols

§  Collaborate with Information Technology department and Information Security department to assure appropriate security precautions can be taken to protect the data from unauthorized activities



Policies, Systems, Processes, Procedures, Standards and Reports

§  Follow all relevant functional policies, processes, standard operating procedures and instructions to ensure that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner.

§  Assist in the preparation of timely and accurate reports and functional deliverables to meet the functional requirements in order to achieve the desired efficiency and performance excellence.



Related Tasks

§  Perform any other related tasks and duties as directed.

Technical Competencies



§  Identify Data Source

§  Data Quality

§  Data Management

§  Project Management

§  Relationship Management

§  Reporting


Computer Science, IT, Information Systems, MIS, Engineering or related field

Job Details

Job Location Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Job Role Other
Employment Status Full time
Employment Type Employee
Number of Vacancies 1
Job Sector Data Office
Data Management

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Mid Career
Years of Experience Min: 2 Max: 4
Residence Location Saudi Arabia
Nationality Saudi Arabia
Degree Bachelor's degree

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