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Entities Enablement Sr. Manager

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Posted 2020/12/27 09:13:49 Ref: JB1100006628

Job Description


To manage and oversee the development and implementation of Entities Enablement Department activities through identifying training needs, developing training curricula, and ensuring the delivery of required training programs in alignment with LCGPA regulations/ requirements and leading practices.




Strategy and Planning

§  Translate Center of Excellence General Department strategies and policies into operational plans and organize the work of the Entities Enablement Department and oversee its implementation to deliver services and achieve its objectives.

People Management

§  Supervise the team work of the Entities Enablement Department and follow-up on the evaluation of their performance by providing feedback on an ongoing basis and seek opportunities to develop their capabilities in order to motivate them and raise the level of performance of the work of the department.

§  Identify the training and development needs of the Entities Enablement Department employees and fill the knowledge gaps to ensure continuous development and a high level of competence within the team.

Budget Management

§  Prepare and propose the Entities Enablement Department budget and control expenditures within the approved budget to enable department to estimate projected expenditures to ensure efficient and effective use of financial resources.

Training Provider Selection

§  Define the criteria for selecting external training entities to ensure that selection of entities is based on studied methodology and international best practices.

§  Define the criteria for selecting entities to be trained (public and private) to ensure that selection of entities is based on studied methodology and that they can benefit from the training.

§  Manage the update and maintenance of the entities lists (public and private) to be trained based on the developed criteria in order to increase LCGPA knowledge of these entities.

Training Needs Analysis

§  Conduct stakeholder training needs analysis to develop new training programs or modify and improve existing programs to meet LCGPA customer expectations.

§  Manage the research of procurement, tools and training content based on international best practices and identify what will be fit for LCGPA to achieve high levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

§  Oversee and monitor annual training needs analysis conducted across government and private entities.

Training Material Development

§  Develop training curricula through identifying the international best practices in instructional design and pedagogy and the needs of stakeholders to achieve the strategic objectives of the department and LCGPA.

§  Manage the development of training schedules to ensure that all training courses take place at the identified timeframe and avoid any overlapping of courses.

§  Oversee the design of training plans to ensure entities/suppliers acquire the skills, knowledge and abilities needed.

Training Execution

§  Oversee the delivery of training programs to entities to ensure that the training provided is based on the training plans and is delivered with high quality.

§  Ensure the implementation of training best practices within LCGPA courses and offerings and liaise with external consultants, trainers and other providers to ensure strong service delivery.

Training Evaluation

§  Establish and implement a learning evaluation methodology and guidelines to measure the outcome of training programs and recommend solutions for continuous improvement. 

Policies, Systems, Processes, Procedures, Standards and Reports

§  Provide recommendations for the development of policies and procedures and oversee the implementation of operations covering the areas of work and activities of the Entities Enablement department and ensure that they meet their requirements in order to ensure their contribution to the achievement of strategic objectives.

§  Review reports submitted by Entities Enablement department employees and prepare final reports for department head and relevant stakeholders, highlighting major accomplishments, issues and actions.

Related Tasks

§  Perform any other related tasks and duties as directed.


Technical Competencies


§  Budget Management

§  Performance Management

§  Reporting

§  Conduct research and studies 

§  Stakeholders Relationship Management 

§  Training Provision Strategies and Skills 

§  Curriculum & Content Development

§  Training Evaluation 

§  External Training Providers Management 


Business Administration, Adult Education or any other relevant major

Job Details

Job Location Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Job Role Other
Employment Status Full time
Employment Type Employee
Number of Vacancies 1
Job Sector Operations
Center of Excellence
Entities Enablement

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Management
Years of Experience Min: 8 Max: 10
Residence Location Saudi Arabia
Nationality Saudi Arabia
Degree Bachelor's degree

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